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Wyoming Vs. Nevada Corporations




Wyoming Corporation

Wyoming Banks: Come on in!
Wyoming banks are friendly and will accept you with open arms. Many of them require that you visit a branch.

  • Members are not reported!

Nevada Corporation

Nevada banks: Pain in the ass: Sacrifice first born, must have Nevada driver’s license.
Nevada banks with branches in California are facing increased pressure not to open accounts with signers from California. These banks are requiring that the signer possess a driver’s license from Nevada. They are citing fraud concerns as the excuse and due to the fact that the Nevada population is so transient. Notice that banks in other states don’t have the same requirement.

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Bank Account
Charging Order Protection

Nevada Bank : Account

You don’t need a Nevada bank account for a Nevada corporation. And you don’t need a Wyoming bank account for a Wyoming corporation.

Internet banks suffice and don’t affect the corporate nexus of the corporation. Resident agents are touting the Nevada bank account to generate more fees for themselves. Why pay an additional $100 to $300 fee for assistance in opening a Nevada bank account when it isn’t necessary?
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Business License

Corp State Income Tax

Check with your tax advisor.
You may still need to file as a foreign corporation in another state.

Wyoming Vs. Nevada Corporations Wyoming Corporation Nevada Corporation
Initial Filings No Director and Officers are not released from the Secretary of State until first anniversary as filed on the annual report. Yes
Filing of Articles of Incorporation $100 $75
Certificate of Good Standing FREE $50
Annual Filings Whichever is greater: $50 or .0002% of all corporate assets in Wyoming. Assets outside the state of Wyoming are not listed on the annual report. $125 Annual List of Officers + $100 Nevada Dept. Of Taxation Business License
Registered Agent Fee Free first year, $50 renewal $85 per year
Information sharing agreement with IRS Yes No. Nevada sells this information.

This issue is irrelevant. Most of the information is collected on the bank level. Your name, address, SSN and DOB are collected to open an account. This is necessary. Therefore, whether the state shares information with the IRS means nothing.

Wyoming Vs. Nevada Corporations Wyoming Corporation Nevada Corporation
Directors, officers, employees & agents are indemnified from liability by statute Yes Yes

Limited liability is asset protection.

Wyoming Vs. Nevada Corporations Wyoming Corporation Nevada Corporation
Stockholders revealed to the state No No
One person can hold position of Director, President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary Yes Yes
Capital requirement minimums $No $No
Tax on corporate shares $No $No
Franchise Tax $No $No
Meetings can be held anywhere Yes Yes
Unlimited Stock, no par value Yes No
Shares need not be certificated Yes Yes
Continuance, to adopt a corporation formed in another jurisdiction Yes No

A corporation, foreign or domestic, can continue in Wyoming as if it has existed there the entire time.

Wyoming Vs. Nevada Corporations Wyoming Corporation Nevada Corporation
Unlimited Shares, no par value Yes No
Aged Shelf Corporations 2/3 cost of NV Cost of corporation + maintenance for time period + $1000 per year premium.